Present position

Associate professor, The Bioinformatics centre, Copenhagen Uni.


2000, Natural Science Basic Education, Roskilde University Centre, Denmark
2003, BSc in Molecular biology , Roskilde University Centre
2002-2004, Mathematics, Roskilde University, Denmark
2006, MSc in Bioinformatics, Copenhagen University
2009, PhD at the department of biostatistics, Copenhagen University

Relevant positions

2005, Employed at Steno Diabetes Center as a master thesis student.
2006, Research assistant., Steno Diabetes Center
2006, Research assistant, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2006-2009, PhD student, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2008, Visiting Scholar at the Department of integrative biology, University of California, Berkeley
2009-2012, Post doc Department of integrative biology, UC Berkeley / bioinformatics, Copenhagen university
2012-2014, Young group investigater/Post doc, Bioinformatics. Copenhagen university