General info

This is the homepage for the PhD course "Human population genetic analysis 2011". The course is held by the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen and is awarded with 5 ECTS point. To sign up, please contact: Rikke ( The fee for the course is 1800 dkr (approx. US $550) for participants who are not enrolled in a recognized PhD or Master’s program. It is free for PhD and Master's students. The fee does not include food and accommodation.


This course provides a one week comprehensive introduction to a number of topics and common research tools used in analyses of human population genetic data. Topics include: genetic drift, coalescence theory, natural selection, population structure, human disease and evolution, linkage disequilibrium, association mapping, genomic control, haplotype structure, IBD mapping, admixture mapping, genotyping data, re-sequencing data, phasing and imputation, HapMap data, 1000 genomes project, online resources.


Time and place

The course is taught from June 20 to June 24 2011. All five days there will be lectures at the H.C. Oersted Institute, Universitetsparken 5 in auditorium 6.

Course material

Handouts will be passed out during the course, but for each lecture there is one or two articles/notes that should be read in advance. There are password protected links for handouts in the right bar (will be available before the lecture) and links for the articles/notes in the program below. If you are not used to working with probability we also recommend that you read these notes.

Program suggestion







Participants who have participated actively in all parts of the course and completed all exercises satisfactorily will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The work load corresponds to 5 ECTS points. Note that this workload includes one week of preparation. Reading material for this is available in the above course program.